Russia wouldn’t want him. The Zero Fucks Given Jack Skellington Shirt only cares about Trump if he’s back in the USA creating chaos, advancing Russian interests, and cheating up a bunch of money to repay his loans to Russian banks. I don’t know, he’d still be a useful agent in Russia. Twitter has no boundaries and there’s more in play than just money. I’m no expert in international espionage. But I would think that a public display of hospitality and reward would encourage further cooperation from foreign agents. Whereas a refusal to care for an agent after their career has ended would discourage future cooperation. I’m not on board with all the ‘Trump is going to run away to Russia’ fan-fiction. Having an American president babbling conspiracy theories on Youtube/RT would be an excellent outcome for Putin. I think Trump is going to do everything in his power to make sure he can still fart around at Mar-A-Lago and his NY penthouse because he’s an old white.

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