But I’ve worked for other employers who are like yours. They say you get X days, but what they really mean is, “If it doesn’t inconvenience us.”We need to grow up and join the rest of the developed world with mandatory PAID time off requirements, and actually protect those rights. I’ve quit jobs that refused to authorize my vacation time or given me shit about sick time. The look on the manager’s faces every time is totally worth it.

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I worked a call center job years ago where every time you called in sick or were late you got a “point” after 6 points you were written up and after 8 points you were fired. If you were sick more than one day at a time you had to get a doctor’s note to combine all the days into 1 point. It was utter BS. As a laborer, it’s a great feeling when you’re the only operator and they piss you off. I’ve left jobs over not approving sick leave as well.

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