I would like to see next level Politics as a taxpayer for this big show, want a clash of the Titans in one big finale before the NWO takeover, right now it just can’t be this easy, have more to it than this, just has to be, all the build-up to this tried to take all the troops back but many are still needed there and why would he pardon Assange and Snowden for releasing classified data? If they really were fighting for a good cause they would do the same to China and Russia, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hired by those countries.

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Whatever he does he’ll just get shit on so why even bother. He brought home how many soldiers and they just say now you’ve left a few behind and no one to defend them. What a joke hilarious how people think Trump is leaving in January. He will end up doing another term and it will cause mass riots and lead to marshal law. All a part of the script. Politics are stagedI’m sure he’ll get on that after pardoning Bannon, Cohen, Gates, Manafort, Nader, Papadopoulos, and Stone. We’re already seeing the outrage of withdrawing troops from the Middle East, it’s almost as if some want perpetual war.

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