I hate to say it, but someone’s gonna gets hurt on election day. There’s going to be a lot of clashes I bet. I know a lot of right-wingers plan to come to the polls open carrying, and I imagine some left-wingers will come and do the same once they see them, which won’t be a very safe situation. I also worry that these militia groups or something might try to block off polling places in heavily Democratic areas.

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I work in a gun shop in a busy city. I fully expect the national run on guns to continue through the end of the election. Six months from now though the market is gonna be flooded with used supply when people realize their panic purchases maybe weren’t worth it. I’m just happy I work with individuals who have no concept of politics. I won’t have to hear about it unless I want to. I am pretty excited to see the freak outs though. Luckily they are a guarantee.


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