Leia takes the Top Mop Muscles On Porpoise Shirt controls of the ship and begins maneuvering. It towards the first order. Poe realizes what she is doing and begins to panic, he tells her not to try “it”, “it’s” a one in a million shot. Leia calmly responds with a sardonic smile, “never tell me the odds”. Leia then turns off the comms system and closes her eyes. Her theme reaches its crescendo and she pushes the hyperspace lever. Her theme cuts out and the rest of the scene plays out the same as it did. This event would be dramatic, eliminate the need for a Holdo character and make sense within the logic of the Star Wars universe. Plus, it would make a visually stunning moment also have an emotional impact. Hell, that sacrifice could be the “spark that lights the fire” that TLJ wanted to be a thing. Maybe that sacrifice could have even shocked Luke out of apathy and made him realize that he couldn’t ignore the fight any longer. When someone is first creating a sci-fi or fantasy world, both the rules and the backstory are made up specifically.

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