Snowden is an intelligence operation. He’s glowing. Assange is dead. They removed him from the embassy the day he attempted a failed release of his dead man’s switch and his internet was cut. He said if he tried to release it and it failed, never trust another thing he says. Okay. The day before that, before he was swapped with CGI, radio edits, and a doppelgänger, Jennifer Palmieri of the Obama/Citigroup administration tweeted “If something comes out tomorrow, it’s not what you think!” Assange was “droned” during the largest DDoS in human history on Oct.

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Thanks, John Brennan of the Biden admin and personal signer of all the “Saudi” terrorist’s passports that were miraculously found after a plane disintegrated in a PA field, and flew through the WTC, Pentagon… and *stuff)… and she deleted that tweet the next day. Trump isn’t going to concede to a satanic pedophile cult who will lock his entire family in a Swiss bunker for pineal harvest. The best I can do to convey what’s coming next is.

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