I don’t just mean wealthy individuals, them too of Top Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Signature Shirt course. But specifically conglomerates and these mega-corporations. They have so many smaller companies under. Their umbrella that boycotting them effectively is impossible, or they simply buy up and merge all the competition into 1-2 companies and then have a gentlemen’s agreement to fuck over consumers because it’s more beneficial to them both to play nice and fuck the consumer than it is for them to actually compete. Capitalism works great when it’s actually capitalism. When you let industries merge vertically and horizontally until they own everything between 1-3 or 1-5 companies, competition dies, and the promise of cheap goods via capitalism dies with it. Also, those who constantly defend capitalism also defend IP or “property rights”, which allows corporations to have exclusive access to landlines or to the fabrication of certain drugs. Those are antithetical to the very concept of competition and they lead to even more consolidation of wealth; so clearly that ideology archetype is flawed at best.

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