It started as a comic strip in 1938. In 1973, then again in 1992, there was also a cartoon done by Hanna-Barbera. The most recent animated was a movie in 2019. Each has its own charm, I think. The creator was Charles Addams who was born in Westfield, NJ. The town has an annual Addams Festival that lasts the whole month of October. Welcome to San Francisco! For the low low price of $457,380,999 this two-bedroom, one bath home can be yours! Don’t wait on this opportunity, houses are going fast!


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Looks to me like they upgraded. I can only guess how much this house costs, but they should have kept the old V12 Packard limo. It had more class than Tesla. This is one of my favorite bits of trivia. People are always so shocked! The makeup on actors in older black and white films sometimes looked strange. The camera didn’t display the differences in normal makeup so it could be extreme or strange colors.

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