I’d upvote this a Storm Area 51 Shirt thousand times if I could. That little girl is probably safer with that dog than without him. If he sees her as a pack member, then he would defend her with the same loyal ferocity. Piggybacking on this you back you up! There are big dog breeds that people label as aggressive and bad (Pitbulls for example) that were literally bred to be nanny dogs to protect and defend the young children of the family from predators animal and human alike. They protect their family and the people they love at all costs. I hope you are feeling safer that sounds horribly traumatic. I have helped foster tons of dogs, many Berners, for my SIL rescue. She is also an animal trainer and vet tech. Over the years I learned that if a dog shows any signs of reactivity, no matter how hard it may be, to take the dog to a positive clicker trainer who specializes in aggression issues – particularly if you intend to keep the dog around someone fragile. It will be better for you in the long run.

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