I was watching someone’s meat birds and while I was at Special The Herding Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Shirt work a weasel got in and murdered about 20-something birds. Ripped all their heads off. 2 survived. Now anytime someone asks me to watch their chickens my family is like SURE YOU WANNA ASK HER HAHAHAHA. THEY’LL PROBABLY DIE. They are also stupid as shit and do a pretty good job of killing themselves x.x we had one climb on top the coop, jump out and get its neck stuck in the anti raptor netting and then hang there and die, another one died because it decided to press itself between the coop wall and the back fence and then got stuck, etc. I’ve got 6-foot fencing, I made a roof with a center column and supports going out to each corner. I then covered it in thick tarp and zip tied it in place around the top of the fence. Works pretty well. They’re all sorts of things. You should hear the sounds when the neighborhood raccoon squad runs into some naive housecat wandering around in the shrubbery. Turned out to be 2 raccoons in a tree, screaming at each other…

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