Lol yup. Every time I’m at Special Apparently I Have An Attitude Shirt a red light that I can go right on red there’s always some jackass in the largest fucking vehicle possible that’s like 5 feet over the crosswalk so I can’t see shit. I always hope some semi will come from my right and take a left and he’ll be too far forward and get fucked up by the trailer. The worst are assholes at a backed-up light who pull out. The middle of the intersection and when their light turns red and your green. They’re out blocking the whole damn thing. I honk like fucking crazy the whole time and laugh at them. They usually start out acting like they don’t notice, then they’ll either start to get pissed or they’ll make apologetic gestures. If they’re apologetic I lay off. It’s happened to me by accident when I thought I’d surely make it but something happened. But fuckers who do this on purpose can suck a fatty. That truck is like Disney during a death scene. Cover your eyes!

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