Paper filters strip the best part of the coffee from the brew in my opinion. I get it, a french press is way more hassle in the making and cleaning up department than running a drip machine with paper filters but you wouldn’t microwave a Filet Mignon now would you? 😉 Of course, starting with the quality and fresh coffee is necessary to get the most of the flavor into the final brew. I used to feel somewhat the same, never drinking black coffee. Then I started grinding whole beans. Game changer! Gives the coffee so much more flavor and body! Think I’ll go make myself a cup right now…

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I’m still not into like hot coffee. But I would say cold ice drinks are easier to drink. I personally love getting the Nitro Cold Brew with sweet cream and white mocha sauce. As someone who doesn’t really like the taste of coffee, this is nice because it’s sweet enough where you can still taste some bitterness of the coffee, but it’s complemented by the sweetness.
Just if you ever happen to go to Starbucks and are willing to try a coffee that’s not too sweet, that’s what I’d recommend.

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