I have chickens and Rule Number 1 Never Set It To 2020 Shirt this is my nightmare. Thankfully the pup that lives next door is well cared for and well-fed. Although he has gotten out of his yard a couple of times, he has yet to bother my little dinosaurs. Dogs that are chicken killers never come back from that. I know I will get downvoted, but that chicken was important to someone. That type of behavior gets the dogs put down where I live. You’ve got my upvote. I hope some people here understand that someone’s pet just died, how would the dog owners who are making jokes about this video feel if they came home and their dog was gone? Signs of struggle in the yard, some blood, and fur from their pet. Would they make homes about it? That’s what dog or cat owners get home to when coyote or Wolfs kill their pets. We all know what happens to varmints then. A long time ago I learned my dog could jump a 6ft fence and we needed a 7ft one instead.

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