The Gadgeteer program was a bit of a wash. I didn’t have enough time to get it going properly. The initial set up seems like it has to be done from standing mode. The instruction tutorial needed some space to have the participant walk up to a panel and click a button. But from the sitting-down mode, there was no way to get close enough to the start panel to initiate the tutorial to get it started. This was needed to get the info/gestures to move within the game environment.
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Multiplayer bowling in Sports Scramble was an enlightening experience. 10 years ago he had the Wii bowling so it wasn’t too much of a leap to do it in VR land. Bowling was a good introduction to the VR immersion and the traditional (no scramble balls or shifting lane designs) bowling scenario was familiar and yet science fiction at the same time. He caught on fairly quickly and ended up beating my score by the second game. Yeah, I was paying more attention to him than my game, but hey, he did end up beating me!

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