I didn’t really care which program he took a liking to. Once he gets familiar with one the others will drop into place. It’ll take a few weeks for him to get to the “push a button and see what happens” happy spot. I did tell him about the internet place that had 7k+ people liking the idea that he’s getting involved with VR. He shrugged that off with a disbelieving, “Yeah? Why would they be interested?” To which I responded .. “Because!”

Attractive Byedon 2020 Joe Biden Victory Election Shirt - Design By Valleytee.com
I tried to find a legal way to buy these as prints but failed. I’m not sure who owns the rights to them so it could be the publisher, artist, and J K Rowling all having rights together that makes this hard to sell or something. Wow, I love these covers. In Ireland, we get the British covers and I always liked them best but I think these are even better.

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