This has absolutely nothing to do with the president. Wake up. Racism has been around since the beginning of time. Can you really with good conscious say that Donald Trump caused this rude woman to treat you the way she did. I’m sorry for your experience but that sounds even more silly than everyone blaming the president for Covid 19 (whomever the president would have or could have been at the time). Please. Take a second to consider who you are blaming and what for. It’s just as inconsiderate to slander someone over something they have no control over as it was for that waitress to mistreat you or your partner.

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I feel this. My dad and my brother are both browns. I’m white-passing as hell. As I grew up I started to realize the difference in the advice that my parents gave me and my brother. We’re the exact same ethnicity, we’ve been raised the exact same and yet that’s not enough. When I first started driving my (white) mother told me that if I ever thought I was in trouble or being followed to find the nearest police station – I sincerely doubt that was what my brother was told. There are people who look at him and see a threat to their way of life who would never give me a second look. It’s something I’m still trying to fully grapple with, to be honest, I have moments just like you where it terrifies me but also fills me with utter rage.

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