I’m brown my ex was white. In NC we went to a bar in a touristy area built still in the middle of nowhere. We just wanted to enjoy the 3rd of July and have a burger and beer. Well, Edward Norton from American history x was there laughing with the sheriff. We walked inside and we made eye contact from across the room. Mr. American history x (same fucking tattoo) and his buddies surrounded us at the bar and stood there a good 10 min before saying anything to my ex.

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He was from NC so he broke out a thick accent I never heard before and told him where in NC he was from. They stood there another 10 min and left. I couldn’t believe it. I was so scared. I felt like I was in the 1950s! If anything happens to us u know damn well the sheriff would cover his ass. This was 2016. Soon after I packed my RV and moved to Philly during the DNC. Best week ever. I got to bartend for it and Comcast events. Unfortunately, u are now jus and understanding…

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