His supporters viewed McCain as an Official Mothman Is My Co-Pilot Shirt national hero. Veterans and survivors when Obama was in office. As soon as the few morals McCain had got in the way of Trump, he was a RINO and pathetic and average politician. There weren’t state prosecutors salivating at the number of crimes they are going to charge him with when he dropped out before. Except for the fact that he wasn’t above the law in any of the cases you’re talking about. The remaining president is his only hope of staying out of prison along with his family. That’s exactly my point. He wasn’t above the law then and it didn’t change his behavior literally once in his entire life. It’s certainly an escalation from the finance crime he’s accustomed to escaping. His head is big enough for that not to be an important factor in his logic. At what point in this presidency have you witnesses anything to support that that’s even possible for him to realize that and stay the course?

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