My dad got the same justice for me when I was 12. Dad was a career Navy and we lived on base. Some sailors stole my Schwinn from the bike rack at the base bowling alley. My master chief dad and his warrant officer buddy checked all the bachelor’s quarters and eventually found my bike with the seat jacked up to the highest it could go. The hunt was on, but nobody would snitch. I’m sure that sailor shit his pants when he heard a warrant officer and master chief were looking for him.

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When buying a bike make sure it is not stolen by serial number. When buying a bike get the serial number and take photos of it. If you can mod it does it, it will make it stand out more. We had to go to the skate park to get my brother’s bike back and the kid who stole it started to cry when asked why he was crying because he didn’t think we would find him and my brothers bike.

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