Did you check that she knew how to navigate the trail on the way down without getting lost? Did you give a single thought at all to her literal safety? Did you consider that going down-slope is usually when people are at the highest risk of falling/injury? Yeah. I agree GF shouldn’t have gone with you. I also think GF shouldn’t go with you anywhere, though. Ever.YTA – basic safety rule – you do not leave an inexperienced hiker alone on a mountain. You put her life at risk for a football game. Yes, it was rude for her to push to go.

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YTA 100%. Honestly, you should just end the relationship because you are obviously not mature enough for one. You belittle her, were embarrassed by her, and extremely selfish. All she did was want to spend quality time together and improve herself. Yet you treated her like shit. Do the right thing, man: apologize and take a step back so she can flourish without your dead weight holding her back. The Jets?! I’d say nobody needs to be there for a kickoff that badly unless you’re on the team, but the Jets are wretched. They’ve been wretched for going on two decades.

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