Depends on if it is an Official 2020 Very Bad Would Not Recommend Shirt rolling shutter. A CCD sensor that records onto tape is likely to have a global shutter and would not have the wavy distortion. Interestingly you would see similar distortion to a rolling shutter as it has to physically slide over each frame on film. This video just made me miss everyone more. Miss my family so god damn much. I just want to hug my mom n not get her sick, or share a meal with my sisters. Even coffee and a good laugh would help. Try to get together outside with masks and maintain distance! And since it’s primary staff through prolonged exposure, sneak a quick hug if you need it! I don’t want to risk traveling and maybe exposure to my mom, she’s a cancer survivor so this would be horrible to pass to her. That’s very responsible of you. You’re a good child and I bet your mom is very proud of you and knows how much you care about her. I hope you guys are reunited soon.

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