We’ve had it since the beginning and have barely skimmed the surface. Kids watch the same movie 100000 times in a row before they are ready to see something else. But you never know what the next obsession movie is going to be, so having the whole catalog available is just incredible. Death used to be an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Many traditions were lifted from pagan winter solstice celebrations. It was the night where the veil between life and death was thinnest, and the dead could come back to complete unfinished business. That’s why Scrooge got Scrooged.

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I think it was that people were not interested in this particular version of it, because I just don’t think the fans of the animated Disney movie with the musical numbers and a funny dragon sidekick were all that interested in a wuxia movie. That does not mean people wanted a carbon copy remake, but I think they wanted something that remained true to the spirit of the original. I dunno, most of the live-action remakes have made bank in theaters. (the only ones that did poorly were the ones that were based on the less popular Disney movies) Maybe Mulan would have done well if it went to theaters.



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