Call customer Nice Love What You Do Chipotle Shirt complain for long periods of time without ever. They’ll eventually just flag your account to not be throttled because they want to stop losing money from you wasting their call center time. Nah Telus would just have the operators hang up on you. There’s no competition in Canada and the big 3 (only telecoms available) all have the exact same prices. Telus only started offering that unlimited plan like last year or two. I pay 18.90€ for unlimited calls, texts, and data in Finland and I’m pretty sure that’s not even the best deal around. I mean really there has to be some limit for it, I can’t like to write an app that spams SMS and calls 24/7 while draining data in the background and not expect at least questions from the provider. But there’s no hidden cap anyone could hit in normal use. I use hundreds of gigabytes of data every month with no worries. I sometimes tether my PC for game downloads etc because it’s marginally faster than my home internet. Yes, the wording is shitty, always has been. Still, personally not going to spend 160 hours chatting.

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