Probably some anti-drug shit I saw in school. It was like 1991. Anywho, it just cracks me up now because my mom is actually one of the most straightedge people I know who has literally never been truly drunk in front of me and might have half a glass of white wine on New Year’s if she’s feeling frisky and I’ve been addicted to like 9 different drugs and absolutely adore the smell of coffee nowadays. This is very interesting. As someone who can’t smell, I’ve always heard that coffee smelt too strong. One time I made a cup of coffee and my roommate said it smelled so strong he thought the dog had taken a shit inside. That puts a negative image in my head of the smell but now I just don’t know what to think

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I think the fact that it’s a warm drink is the selling point. This for me boils down to the age-old argument of coffee vs tea. For coffee drinkers like me, I find tea to be way too sweet or watery. But you’d be damn sure I’d be drinking a lot more tea if coffee stopped existing. So yeah kinda ties into the smell aspect too, the heat and making coffee produce the smell. The whole process of making or getting coffee is so ritualized, it’s basically a cultural icon at this point in North America, sort of how tea is most other places.

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