I stole my bike back once. The dude came running up as I was putting it in my car, threatening to call the cops because I was stealing his bike. I was like “it’s my bike asshole!” and drove away with the adrenaline of four horses coursing through my veins! AHHHH IT FELT SO GOOD. I had someone steal a bike out of My garage when I was a kid and leave another bike on the side of the house that was perfectly fine so I used that instead. He was prob the inventory of those rideshare things.

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The day is passing by and I get a ride to work from my uncle and while driving around that same train station, I spot my bike in front of a shop a block away from the station. I tell my uncle to stop and we inspect the bike to make sure it’s mine. Sure enough, it is, and since it didn’t have a lock I just stole it right back and left the stuff that was on it on the ground. The thief even tightened the brakes for me, what a nice guy.

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