One of my friends did this in h.s. His bike was stolen from his friend’s front yard and he was super bummed. It was a BMX bike and he was super into riding at the time… then like a week or two later he saw his bike parked and locked at his school’s designated bike lock-up spot-so he called his dad. His dad showed up with bolt cutters and my buddy jumped the fence and cut that asshat thief’s chain and stole his own bike back. He proceeded to return the bolt cutters to his extremely proud dad- and had a nice ride back home.

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I remember back in 5th grade I had my mechanical pencil stolen out of my backpack during a line walk…I looked around and the kid had no shame and was using it. After school during tutorials we would line up to go get snacks at the cafeteria so I decided to get behind him, luckily I was last in line. It was a see-through backpack so I just unzipped it while he was walking and talking to his friend in front of him. When we got back to class we had to get our pencils out and I was eyeing him for his reaction.

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