During the height of the lockdown in my state, they canceled all surgeries for “nonessential” reasons. They claimed it was going to be cosmetic plastic surgery and maybe sports medicine stuff where yea it’s gonna suck to have a fucked up knee a while longer but you ain’t gonna die. We found out that that meant that anything that was not going to kill you tomorrow. In my area, there were people scheduled to have lobes of their lungs removed due to cancer and people that needed bypasses to get their surgeries canceled. And that was months before my county even had its first COVID case.

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I have felt so well protected by the IHS facility I’m at. They really bent over backward to make sure we had PPE. We thought we had turned a corner, but just had a huge surge (like everyone else). We had to start using a new N95 vendor that we weren’t fit tested for last Wednesday, but I appreciate that we aren’t reusing masks and have washable single encounter PPE gowns. I started having symptoms on Saturday, still waiting on my swabot hit by a truck. My husband (also an ER nurse) just spiked a fever today and has O2 sats dipping to mid-80s. We live near the airstrip the hospital uses for EMS transports and it has been buzzing nonstop.

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