I was watching Dexter with my husband (who had already seen the whole series before) and I was soooo into it. I also hate spoilers, so I was being super careful. But one day, there was a character on the show and I was like like “oh they’re so familiar!!” So I go on IMDB to find them. While scrolling through the Dexter page, I just briefly see that Rita’s character was only in so many episodes, so I was like WAIT NO AHH WHAT DID I DO. I still hate myself to this day.

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On a similar note, I was doing some IT stuff at a film studio in town and they happened to be responsible for a show I was fairly invested in at the time. While I’m setting some stuff up I hear them talking about a major character dying in an upcoming episode. I’ve done this, I now go fully offline in regards to any shows I’m watching for that exact reason.

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