Or the whole revenge is an I’m Not Ginger I’m A Strawberry Shirt bad realization. Spend weeks tracking down the person who wronged you. While killing every person that works for him just. To realize that revenge is bad right before you could kill the actual person that caused all your suffering and then let them live. Guess it would make you a bad person to kill Evil McBadGuy who kills innocent people all the time. It’s perfectly fine to kill Gary who was down on his luck and happened. To accept a security job for a bad boss. I was so used to this that I was really confused when Rick in The Walking Dead used a gun inside a tank and then obviously suffered from the noise. There’s just a loud ringing and he looks like his head is going to explode and I was like “wtf is his problem” – took me a moment to realize that this is probably what would happen. Be betrayed by his partner who was secretly. The kingpin’s bodyguard. Not just hair, full makeup, and shaved legs. Even after being chased by a killer for hours, or living amongst zombies, or doing physical activity.

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