try drinking a decent coffee. it doesn’t have to be ‘super expensive’ or even expensive at all. a decent, freshly roasted bag of coffee that actually tastes good costs less than a pack of cigarettes and lasts longer. Get coffee from a proper roaster. Kenyan coffee that tastes like blueberries. And you’ll never go back to the flavorless, stale crap you find on supermarket shelves, I used to think this until I had a great cup of coffee and a cappuccino at a coffee shop that also roasted their own beans. It’s a different game with that level of care and effort–Starbucks and the brands of ground or instant coffee you buy in grocery stores are selling coffee super short.

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Keep in mind that 95% of what you can buy in stores is burnt. Coffeemakers burn their beans to hide imperfections and make them all a uniform color. The typical characteristic of a dark roast being shiny black is a sure sign of low quality. Not to mention coffee GROUNDs lose their freshness after like a week. part of why I like the taste is because of Pavlovian reactions to the caffeine, but whether I’ve tricked myself or not, I still love it. Yes, I pay more, but when you drink 3-5 cups a day, it feels like money well spent. Forgetting about alcohol for a minute, I drink only water or coffee, so might as well treat myself!

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