It is actually really hard to make coffee well. Just something as simple as a french press or pour over is surprisingly complex to not end up making bitter garbage. Espresso is a whole nother thing that should basically be taught at university I like it, I usually use a little cream and sugar, but not much, and sometimes I drink it black. The gourmet coffees do taste better but don’t spend your money if you don’t like it. I don’t think caffeine has any effect on me, I’ll have coffee before bed.

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I used to think this until I had a great cup of coffee and a cappuccino at a coffee shop that also roasted their own beans. It’s a different game with that level of care and effort–Starbucks and the brands of ground or instant coffee you buy in grocery stores are selling coffee super short. I will, however, note that the current trends in American coffee are not a great way to prepare coffee for occasional coffee drinkers. It’s a bipolar landscape of straight, black coffee (which an be good but is very much an acquired taste once) and over-sugared desert.

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