I am addicted to coffee and drink daily but, I must agree, it does smell better than it tastes. However, this is only true for American-style coffee. A good cafe con Leche from your local Colombian cafe/bakery is amazing! I’m lucky enough to live near many. If you do not have any nearby, you’re missing out on coffee that is actually yummy! It’s probably because you’re used to putting shit ass creamer and sugar and making it a dessert. You’re desensitized to taste as a result and haven’t reached what is definitely an acquired taste. I used to think black coffee was gross but I have it every morning now and enjoy every sip.

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What really gets me is that coffee people will go on and on about how it’s more complex than wine and the different flavor notes and aroma and body and complexity and all the pretentiousness that goes with wine tasting. At least with wine, you can see and taste a difference although it’s nowhere near as massive as they like to think it is. With coffee, the simple fact is anything above a medium roast is predominantly bitter.

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