My sister is married to a black man. Where we are all originally from is rural and racist, but they moved to Dallas after high school so I just assumed that took care of the racism. Then one day we were all at a mall in Dallas. My sister and mom were doing some shopping for my niece and my BIL, my niece, and I was just chilling. It came time to go meet up with my sister and mom so my BIL and I each took one of my niece’s hands and made our way across the mall. The STARES. I couldn’t believe it. The friggin eyes following us constantly. I had never experienced anything like it! I had thought moving to a diverse city would be enough but clearly not.

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The OPs story fucking kills me though. They are on a social distance vacation…so traveling places, interacting with people they don’t know, going to crowded restaurants…not social distancing. Then the waitress was rude to them and messed up their order…ok that happens quite a lot to people of all colors including white people… that doesn’t mean the waitress is racist. Maybe next time the OP is rude to someone the poor victim should automatically assume the OP and her husband is racist.

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