The Horror Friends Halloween Shirt can help you figure out what you are eligible for as a victim. I can tell you from experience as a victim of a crime. That this service has been invaluable and we allowed. To receive free weekly trauma therapy for almost a year now. It also might help you find ways to talk to your brother and SIL. Your support system is more important than ever, but sometimes people truly don’t understand the brain alteration a trauma can cause and you might not have the ability to describe it in a way they can understand right now. A therapist can help coach you on how to talk to them so that you can hopefully have time with your family and niece, and your dog. Also to keep in contact with the DAs victim’s advocate. There are no guarantees in the criminal justice system, but they can be your voice in the inside and help explain the system and also offer resources. I went through something traumatic and thought I was ok after that. But it bit me on my ass after two months later when I have started panicking.

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