Anyway, when there is a contentious election it’s going to the next big revolution just like every time some country like North Korea rattles their Saber it’s going to be WW3. You keep hearing the same thing over and over for decades, you stop paying much attention. So you’re just working to spread fear like the people everyone is complaining about. How about 2000 when we woke up and had no idea who the president was going to be and it dragged on and on. All this misinformation had been going on for a long time.

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There were actually a ton of assassination attempts against Obama, but they weren’t widely publicized (which is probably a good thing). I’m pretty concerned about the reaction to Trump loses and we have an Obama election and no one thought that there would be violence. Back then “losing your shit” was about just yelling and being angry, not straight up loading a car with guns, and trying to kill people.  bunch of unhinged yokels running around with AR15s

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