I wish this was sooner, like Thanksgiving. Especially since that’s when the movie was planned already. I don’t get what they get out of it by waiting an extra month. Also just seems wise to have something big planned for each of the final months to hold on to subscriber bucks (Soul in Nov, Wandavision in Dec, Falcon & Winter Soldier in January). If they continue the trend of main white cast movies (new mutants) get cinema releases and mainly non-white casts (soul and Mulan) get digital releases then someone is going to find a way to be offended by it.

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This might actually benefit Disney+ a whole lot more than one might think. The biggest drawback of Disney+ is that you can see all the biggest blockbusters in the theatres first, so there really is no real need to have a Disney+ subscription. Now with the pandemic and movies going straight to Disney+ you are really missing out on some great movies without a subscription-like Mulan remake I had little to no interest in (not for the traditional fan headed or political reasons, just civil indifference as an audience – on par with most live-action Disney remakes out there), this could be quite a bummer… but the article does mention that the film will eventually hit the cinemas in the countries that Disney+ doesn’t cover. Phew.

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