So, you see ZIP codes in the Good Mama’s Boobery Always On Tap Vintage Shirt  USA and Post Codes in the UK. They were introduced to streamline deliveries. They came about in the 1960s. A machine would literally read those letters and numbers at the bottom of the address and assign a place for it to go. It was amazing technology when you think about it. Machine from the 1960’s reading human handwriting! Way, way too far into the 1990s. They went so far that developments in computing power and optical character recognition had gone beyond needing. The simple six or eight-digit code to simplify and automate the process. So, by the time they bought into computer sorting in the mid to late 1990’s the technology was capable of reading normal, hand written addresses and sorting it accordingly. The codes were originally implemented to make things easier for early computers to assist national postal services. By the time ours got around to it, technology had moved on.

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