This is not “trumps America” this has always been America. Maybe you just realized it because of the media coverage, but Nah, it’s always been like this. Trump didn’t really make it worse, what he did was make racist people bolder, but in actuality, they had always been racist. Maybe it’s because I’m black, but I haven’t noticed much change, the only thing that changed was what the media covered. So even though I hate Trump, you know, we’re not gonna blame everything on him now.

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People are still going to be racist if Trump or Biden gets elected. I can’t believe you think that people aren’t going to be racist anymore just because the president is now different. Grow up, not everyone is going to like you or always be nice. Don’t support this restaurant if they’re assholes. Move on with life. I’m sorry to say but there isn’t a magical fix-all to racism, Racism existed before Trump and it will exist after Trump.

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