They still exist basically Funny Love What You Do Comcast Shirt the volume is used. And it’s usually so slow that it’s useless. Data caps on home internet on the other hand is a very American thing. I always get the text from Telus that’s like “TELUS Update: You’ve used all of your available high-speed data. Continue to enjoy data at a reduced speed until your bill cycle resets.” It won’t, ISP’s in America have a stranglehold on us. They all teamed up and agreed not to compete so they can collectively screw us over. Look at how effectively they’ve shut down Google fiber. The stonewalling of Google Fiber was accomplished by denying Google access to the “shared” telephone poles. To hang cable by bribing local legislators in every place Google tried to expand. They proved to be a real threat to big telecom… Starlink doesn’t need any poles, no Local or State government corruption can impede them, satellite internet is already legal for shitty services like Hughesnet, and Starlink has gotten the same Federal approvals needed. And even if I’m not and there’s some rule against it… What are they gonna do about it? Check everyone’s house for a particular kind of antenna?

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