Maybe, but I don’t think it helped that it didn’t really feel like it was for the fans of the original. This is not necessarily wrong artistically speaking, I don’t think it is wrong for a remake to make significant changes, but I think if it strays too far from the original in intent and mood and feels then it pushes a lot of fans away. Especially in Mulan where a lot of the things they removed in the remake were the things everyone loved about the original. Like I’ll Make A Man Out of You might not be essential to the story, and it can (and has) been told without it, but that is one of the things that people love about the animated movie.

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I miss going to the movies, prior to covid I used to go weekly. I personally would rather watch a movie on the big screen, at home, I just feel too distracted. The last movie I saw in theatres was Pixar’s Onward (which I really enjoyed) and it played the trailer for Soul. The animation looks like it’ll be one of Pixar’s best and the story seems really interesting. This would have probably been a great experience on the big screen. At the same time, I’m happy to be watching this soon. I miss having new movies so I’m looking forward to watching this later in the year. I’m hoping Pixar will continue theatrical releases still once it’s safe to return to theatres.


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