The moment in Black SCOTTISH RITE 32 Spes Mea In Deo Est Shirt Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Jake is about to leave the bar and Gina says “aren’t you forgetting something?” So he kisses her on the forehead and runs off as she yells “NO – pay your BILL. Who raised you?” gets extra credit because you are absolutely correct that movies/tv never show anyone paying. People slam on the breaks in real life cause a cop is going the opposite direction on the highway, yet you watch a Marvel movie and dudes tailgating a van Cpt America and Ultron are actively fighting on. There was a South Park episode where Cartman stops mid-sentence and makes this weird face and then sneezes. No meaning to the plot, it just happened. Had me rolling because you never see that. You know I understand casting someone a bit older than a teen as a teen character because child labor laws and stuff but why do they never try to make them look like real teens? Why are they all slim yet muscular? Why does no one still have baby fat in their cheeks, why does no one have a full beard?

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