While Pence has the Bigfoot Saw Me But Nobody Believes Him Moon Shirt charisma of warm mayo on store-brand white bread. The scary thing is if he was the GOP candidate. The republicans who are voting for Biden since Trump is so destructive would swap back to Pence since he “isn’t as bad as Trump.” I don’t know. I think the most important thing to him is preserving his ego. One way to do that could be to drop out while claiming the system was “rigged” against him and he couldn’t have won. This still preserves his ego, IMO. Although he could just use that same excuse if he continues to run and actually loses. I doubt he’s going to drop out. Unless he moves to Moscow. Yup! NYT recently released a story on accounts of Barr attempting to interfere in Cohen’s sentencing for election fraud right after he became AG.  Thankfully the process was in the final stages when Barr got involved and the SDNY held firm.

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