Black coffee tastes amazing. I learned to like it as a cigarette smoker, the cigarettes made cream or sugar taste bad but black coffee was incredible, the tobacco flavor was sweet, and complimented the bitter coffee. The reason so many coffee shops sell sweet shit is to counterbalance the butter coffee. Try some premium, well-blended coffee from a notable toaster and not some Folgers/McDonald’s grade shit, and try it with a nice danish or something bready and sweet, one sip of hot premium black coffee, one bit of sweet. Repeat.

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It can and will begin to taste incredible, even without the sweets after a time. Furthermore, the place your coffee was grown and the grind and the water to bean ratio all factor into the taste, I know and love coffee but I greatly prefer Latin American coffee to Asiatic or African coffees. I greatly prefer a coarse ground French pressed coffee at 135 degrees, etc. Many things influence the flavor, and so I can comfortably say that you just need to try more and more coffee until you find one that is suitable to your palate.

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