Rolling shutters are a fairly recent invention in the world of video recording. Older recorders, (tape/digital doesn’t matter, it’s a function of how the Beautiful Live Gently Upon This Earth Shirt image is captured, not how it’s stored), and even new. Full-sized recorders generally have traditional shutters. (for professionals, traditional shutters allow for much finer control of the image quality). Another aside, for traditional cameras: the shutter speed also affects the amount of light that gets to the CCD. Charged Couple Device – the photosensitive chip that acts as “film” in a digital camera. The shutter spends more time per second closed. This is why when you see guys like The Slo-Mo guy’s film stuff, they have whopping huge lights. They’re recording at 10,000+fps, which means 10,000 openings and closing (or more likely, turning on and off of an electric shutter, basically telling the CCD to stop recording for an incredibly small amount of time) of the shutter every second to create discrete images.

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