That’s not accurate. Many GOP voters know and are happy about the situation, so they keep voting for it. Many Democratic voters also know, but because the system is rigged against them voting, they can’t do anything about it. The people in positions of power mostly don’t care to do anything about it, because if the system put them in place, why change the system and put their positions in jeopardy.

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Here in Washington, which has been 100% vote by mail for a long time, the top of your ballot is a perforated strip with a unique number on it. You tear it off before returning the ballot. At any point, you can use that number to get the status of your ballot (received, counted, etc.). If it isn’t marked received within a day or two of mailing it, you click a button and they send you a new one. If the rate of those exceeds the baseline rate, the Secretary of State initiates an investigation.

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