Trump won’t quit. He’s prepared to All The Best Science Jokes Argon 39.948 Shirt claim he was cheated out of his win, that the election was rigged, because he and his family want in on the sweet right-wing grift machine, and playing “President in exile” for 4 years is right up his alley. Jarod and Ivanka know quitters don’t get that. Moreover, if he quits, the GOP base will go fucking apeshit. The racists and crazies are fucking primed to believe GOP elites “stabbed them in the back” and they are not going to be put back at the kiddy table after tasting power. Trump was everything they wanted and he won. Evil Democrats or whatever, but they’re not going to turn out for dog-whistles as they do for Trump’s loud screams. That’s the problem. The genie is out of the bottle. The bigoted and racists have seen Trump win, and they’re gonna have no patience with guys who tip-toe around it. Trump is a liar and a cheat and is taking foreign bribes. And then just tweet demands for violence for the rest of his life.

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